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The Big Picture is a Self Portrait



What do mental illness, the military, apologetics, Asian history, common sense, traditional morality, tech people sociology, design techniques and code, and disaster survival have in common? My writing combines ancient philosophy, medieval history, and contemporary technology for a timeless new view of the world.

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” ― Mark Twain. But there is another solution no one yet has tried. People cannot see it, so they don't think it exists, but there is a real solution, nonetheless. If the government is not big enough to protect us from businesses or the same people who run the government as those who run businesses, look for a greater power.

This is what happens when you see the world from a Asian, spiritual, and historical point of view, and try to explain the world, with ideas predating 1800. What happened between 300 and 1800 AD is the key to understanding the way the world really works. My writing and website will show you how to affect real change with no power, position, or money and while not risking your health or safety, following all laws, and not drawing any attention to yourself.

We have the best world money can buy, yet we are in worse shape then ever before, and it is proved that almost all of this mess is directly caused by people. Maybe we should try faith in Christ (not the Church or Christian leaders), for once. The one creator God is certainly not corrupt and would always know the perfect solutions.

One of the major reasons why my writing appears so similar and yet so different from other Christians is that my study and writing is based primarily on philosophy, not theology. There is a subtle, but significantly different way of approaching and solving problems in philosophy, then there is in theology.

It is a fundamentally different approach, because we are not using God to support our aims, we are asking God to do His will. We need God. He doesn't need us. We are not the solution: we are the problem. God is the solution.

We do not know what is best; God does. We are the enemy; God is our salvation. He is not responsible for our suffering; we are. He does not want to punish us. He wants to liberate us from ourselves and or bad choices. He does not desire control over us; He already controls everything.

The Self Portrait

My approach in making the world better is spiritual. In changing the world, we might seek to find something bigger than government or business or something else human led, even the Church. If we decide to "use" God, we might decide we want to pray to leverage God, but I seek for God to leverage me.

The way to successfully fight the battle, to improve the world, is to not engage in fighting it. When we want to find a way to do something, we develop goals and a plan, wheres in this situation, the real solution to our problems is to not find our own solutions or our own plans, but submit ourselves to God's plan and His direction.

We can heal the world and never solve the underlying problems, but Christ does something greater than heal: He forgives sin. The battle is being lost, because we attempt to fight it by our means. Instead, lets ask God to use us and solve the problems for us.

This battle is personal, because the enemy is not external: we are the enemy. We will never find a solution, because we are the source of the problems. If we want to successfully solve our own personal problems and make our lives better, we need to learn from God. We need to let God change the way we think and our priorities, so, in this way, we affect the greater world.

The greatest change we can make is the only one we can really affect. We cannot change anyone else's mine, but we can change ours. So, in praying for God's will to happen, we focus not on the world, but in our own lives.

The hard part of this is choosing God's will, rather than our own, but how can you argue with God being in control? He made us and He is better (more generous, suffered for us, more merciful) than anything we could hope He would be. He certainly has gone to bat for us and made it dead simple, to live forever, without suffering, after we die. And all the bad things about the world can be easily traced to our running things our own way.

The Big Picture

The important thing about Christianity is to realize that God and the church in your neighborhood are not the same thing. The Church and theology are fallible and can be abusive and ineffective. God and the Bible are not. Your loyalty should be to and your direction should come from God and the Bible, not your Christian friends or leaders. Do not place any human institution, in place of God or the Bible.

The point of Christianity is not to understand God or to develop good theology. Christianity is about the worship of and obedience to God. The primary way we understand God is through faith, not reason. God is entirely rational, but He is infinite, so that we cannot understand God rationally. Faith will always involve mystery, because of our human limitations.

The basis for our relationship with God is not one of equals. God gave us so much, but asks so little from us. He sacrificed everything for us and all we do is accept His solution. Our only legitimate response is one of humility and wonder of how great God is. The least we can do is be loyal to Him, by obeying His rules for living. And the only reason why He made these rules was for us.

Sin is not our enemy, because it hurts God; sin is our enemy, because is hurts us. God does not want to control us: He wants to liberate us. That is why we must pray for His intervention, as He will do more, but only if we truly want Him to. Although the world is fundamentally spiritual, God has chosen to let people determine their own fate.

You can try your own way and suffer and only realize the reason why God made the rules He did at your deathbed, or you can learn from reading and other's advice. As I am trying to avoid unnecessary pain as much as possible, I try to learn from books, rather than experience. Learning from experience is more painful than I am willing to accept.

Some people experience more pain and have harder lives than others and it is not fair. The source of our suffering and that of nature is the result of immoral choices by people, but evil people do not always suffer for their actions and good people often suffer, as the result of immoral actions committed by others.

This does not mean that it is God's responsibility to fix this, as He is not the cause. This issue should trouble us enough to motivate us to reduce the unnecessary suffering of others, like animals and the environment. It should also give us something to look forward to, as believers in the Christian God will never suffer again, after they die.

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I am a researcher, writer, and designer for consumer, citizen, and seeker advocacy. I can improve your life, by giving you better advice.

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