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Why I Explain and Argue My Ideas


When I was training in the Army, I had written some poems to someone who was still in my former high school, who I still felt something for. Some of the other members of my platoon read them and some of them were married. One of the married soldiers asked me if he could give one of my poems to his wife, because he was not as skilled at writing, and the poem was able to say what he could not. I ended up writing him a poem, just for his wife, but it probably wasn't as good, as I was not inspired, in the same way.

Many people now identify with music and some even memorize the words of the songs they listen to. You can easily get the words to music, in songbooks, in music stores and now online, with a simple search. I think part of why music is so important, to especially my generation and the next, is part of our becoming a post literate society. Most people feel things, that they cannot put into words, or even explain, in a crude conversation. This is the role of a certain kind of writer, like a poet.

I put into words and give reasons supporting my beliefs, not to convince others, but to put things into words, that many other people feel, but are not yet written about or hard to find. Many people today are good at arguing and many people think that if someone else "proves" them wrong then their ideas are not welcome. I want people to know that you can and should believe things that you cannot prove, because these are the most important things in life: the things that are truly timeless.

I also want people to learn to think critically and not just accept everything they are told. Even the greatest thinkers have given extremely bad advice, at times. Yes, you should learn from others, but you need to learn to separate what you should learn from what you should avoid. You cannot reduce life down to a slogan, formula, or system.

And school, church, and social groups do not explain everything. There is a difference between what is right and wrong and what you are told in church. There are things that are true or not, despite you learning differently in school. Your family and friends do not always know what is best for you. Even experts in their fields often don't even have a good foundation, in the subject their degree is in.

Philosophy is about re-examining fundamental things, that our society just wants us to accept, without any evaluation or questioning. If you are going to just live like everyone else, you are going to be: overweight, out of shape, divorced, have an STD, in debt, out of control kids (who make the same mistakes you did), never finish your education, continue to depend on others for your income, and have such an empty life that you never want to be alone.

There are many different ways to approach life, some are about right and wrong, but most of them are greatly improved by self knowledge. There are two types of people in this world: those who put people into 2 groups and those that don't. Everyone is an individual, whether they like it or not and we are all individually accountable for our own actions, despite our past experiences. We are also the only ones who can make the decisions necessary, to make our lives as happy, as possible.

The first step towards this end is to start thinking. Question what others tell you. Try different ways of doing things. I do not have a car or a smart phone and so I can afford a computer, a website, and books (as well as not be cheap, withy small amounts of money). What things in your life to you spend time or money on, that do not improve your life and distract you from increasing your self knowledge and bettering yourself spiritually, economically, and socially? What non-essential things can you give up, to focus on more important things?

What scares most people about thinking for themselves means that they are forced to change the way they do things and they can no longer blame others, for what they don't like about their lives. Change can be good, as long as it is well thought out and planned, and it solves your real underlying problems, without creating worse ones. In life, you cannot do everything. Find out what you are good at and what resources you have. Try to make the most of them and improve the world, as best you can.

The reason why I do what I do is, that, although I could do other, more conventional things, but what I do, no one else would do, if I didn't do it. I have so little power and control, that I want to make the little I have go as far, as possible. I use creativity in most aspects of my life decisions and have made my life much better, than if I just did what everyone else does. I also have refused to accept the limitations others thought were inevitable and that they that I could not overcome.

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