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Mission Approach Overview


Most problems we encounter, in the world, these days are solved by highly intelligent people, in elite teams. But the most difficult problems have to be solved by you, as an individual, often times without any outside help. The most difficult problems do not have answers: the solution is to manage the problems and not let them control you. These are the problems I deal with, on this website and in my own life. These are also the kind of problems our current world has to deal with, as well. Nothing less than divine intervention will save us; for the biggest problems, we need to enlist the grace of God.

I have spent a decade and a half studying the major world religions and world history, to try to find a way to explain who I am in a way that is both accurate and understandable to the lay person. The technical terms would be my unique philosophy combining Philosophical Taoism and Christian Existentialism, in order to find a way to understand the Bible better within its Asian and mystical traditions. I found along the way that Christianity first caught on in what is now occupied by Islamic fundamentalists, from North Africa and East Africa to Iran and Central Asia and has surprisingly close connections to Islam, in almost all of its practices and worldview.

I am now able to explain who I am in a few simple words. First of all I am very religious, I am very literal, I have Schizophrenia, and I have extremely bad luck. To deal with these challenges, I have leveraged my creativity, my attention to detail, and my inability to give up on anything, to live a happy life. I took many risks, when I joined the military, and came out of that miraculously well. I now choose to live a very carefully thought out life and take as few risks as possible.

In my designs and my writing, I aim to be as clear, concise, and direct as possible, while still being polite. Do not assume that because I use simple words, to explain the ideas, that I talk about, that my writing is easy to understand. This site is based on philosophy, so there is little challenge in the vocabulary, but it requires you to think, to understand.

Our society tries very hard, to get us to not think, so it is not easy for most people. If you want to have purpose and meaning, in your life, it will require a tremendous amount of time, effort, and discipline. There are no shortcuts, to peace and happiness. You may not be able to change the world, but you can change the way you think and the decisions you make. You may be in a very bad situation, but no matter where you are, you can always improve your situation, by making good choices.

One of the things that makes my ideas unusual is how I put together the simple ideas that our establishment perpetuates to divide us and find a more convincing complex situation. I have never been interested in fiction, as I believe, from reading and experience, that reality is much stranger and more interesting than the overly simplistic ideas one person can think up.

For example, I am very patriotic and I am not very convinced of the public perception of the Islamic world, but, at the same time, I cannot accept that a religion would be as dominant and successful for these many centuries without having wisdom and balance in it. I think that the big movements in extremist ideas in Islam today remind me of the people that anger me, when I go to church (although Christians in America today rarely go out and commit genocide, no matter how extreme or delusional their ideology is).

Just around Columbus and after the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the three most powerful empires and advanced societies in the world were all Islamic countries. And these extremist ideas in Islam, although I don't think are fundamental to Islam, but have been there for many centuries before Europeans or Americans dominated the world. The real downfall of Asia and the ascent of Western Europe is economics - the Industrial Revolution introduced manufactured goods which people paid more for than commodities (raw materials). And that is all based on cheap coal and gas.

Although I believe the modern world economy is in free fall, I cannot see any other political power providing a better place to live than America. Everyone will either sink or fall together while the Islamic world, India, China, and Russia will be hit so hard by global warming that they will descend into a much worse situation than we will be in.

I see the same unemployment problems in America spread to China and India. What people don't seem to realize businesses are naturally going to cut as many jobs as possible, because salaries are their biggest expenses. The sad reality is this Information Revolution has created a society, that does not need the entire work force to operate. The bigger problem is what we are going to do with all the extra people and increased energy desired, with less energy and space available.

The scariest threat to America is the increasing power of private businesses and their ability to take down the entire world economy because of their obsessive compulsive gambling addictions. Everybody now is afraid of the NSA, although they seem to not connect the dots to the Patriot act. Facebook and Google have more information than the NAZIs, STASi, or KGB ever had and both face few laws constraining what they do with it and people gladly giving up this information of their own free will.

This situation will only get worse, until we ask God to intervene. People now seem to think we are entitled to modern conveniences and that our lives are better because of our modern plumbing, SUVs, electricity, and Internet. Also, discoveries do not just happen when you need them to happen and there are certain physical laws of the universe that we cannot just transcend, meaning we struck gold with oil and squandered it and there likely be nothing that can replace it. America has only been around for 200 years. North America will certainly be there in the future, but without the world economy the concept of America may be irrelevant.

But wouldn't a life free from our addictions and the ability to be closer to one another be worth the downfall of the one world economy. We have no control over the future. But one thing is certain: the world will be entirely different at the end of my life than it will be at the end of my parents life. There will be greater changes in the 21st century than there were in most of recorded history. We are definitely at a great crossroads and no one knows where it will take us, except God.

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