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Benjamin-Newton Creative Works

"Discover the Spiritual Old World"
Benjamin-Newton Creative Works
My Professional/Main Website

Ben Huot
Eugene, Oregon (America)

Researcher, Writer, and Designer
Christian, Mentally Ill, Webmaster

"Get Better Advice"

I am a researcher, writer, and designer for consumer, citizen, and seeker advocacy. I can improve your life, by giving you better advice.

I combine my unique understanding of the wisdom of the greatest thinkers, with an unusual level of motivation and discipline, to gather more experience and research, plus I do not seek nor am I influenced by any money, which equals better advice.

Do you think significant things happened before 1800 AD or think it is ridiculous to blame all problems in the world on white people and Christians? For those who want to study beyond the very limited information we get about other cultures and time periods in public school in the United States, the following resources will give you a place to start.


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You can add my website, as an icon, on your Apple mobile device (iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod Touch only), with all your app icons, like just another app. Click on the first icon to the left of the address bar on your Apple device, where you add bookmarks, and choose "Add to Home Screen."

You can also do the same for my Benjamin-Newton Oregon, my Benjamin-Newton Challenging Projects, my Benjamin-Newton Overview, and my Benjamin-Newton Creative Works Mobile.

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