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Quick Introductory Remarks by Ben Huot

"Get Better Advice"

โ˜ž I am a researcher, writer, and designer for consumer, citizen, and seeker advocacy. I can improve your life, by giving you better advice.

โ˜ž I combine my unique understanding of the wisdom of the greatest thinkers, with an unusual level of motivation and discipline, to gather more experience and research, plus I do not seek nor am I influenced by any money, which equals better advice.

โ˜ž Do you think significant things happened before 1800 AD or think it is ridiculous to
blame all problems in the world on white male Christians? For those who want to study beyond the very limited information we get about other cultures and time periods in public school in the United States, the following resources will give you a place to start.

Website Description by Ben Huot

โ˜ž Benjamin-Newton Creative Works: the place for most of my content, like complete academic non-fiction e-books and audiobooks, which are collections of my poetry and essays, in areas like: military service, schizophrenia, self-help, world history, asian church history, unique combination of Philosophical Taoism and Christian Existentialism, Christian theology and ethics based on paradox, book recommendations, disaster survival, web design, computer sociology, and file formats. This website also includes: original world music instrumental songs, world culture graphics, free nature photo wallpapers and greeting cards, free cow fonts, free vector graphics designs and shapes, and an extensive help section.

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โ˜ž All Books are Only in E-Book formats (digital files)

How to Download Files?

โ˜ž On an iPad or iPhone, for PDFs, Double Tap on the Document and choose Open in iBooks, in Upper Right Hand corner. For JPEG or PNG images, on an iPad or iPhone, Touch and Hold for a Second and choose to Save from Pop-up Menu.

โ˜ž On a Desktop or Laptop Computer, the PDFs will Download Automatically after Left Clicking on Link in Web Page, and Right Click on Link in Web Page and choose Save As to save JPEGs or PNGs for Direct Links to Bare Images. On a Desktop or Laptop Computer, for JPEGs or PNGs In a Webpage, Right Click on Image and Choose Save As.

Can't Find Downloaded Files?

โ˜ž Look in Your Downloads or (My) Documents Folder on Desktop or Laptop Computer and iBooks (for PDFs) or Photos (for Images) on an iPad or iPhone.

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Benjamin-Newton Creative Works

โDiscover the Spiritual Old Worldโž

Benjamin-Newton Creative Works
๐ŸŒ My Professional/Main Website

โ˜ฏ Ben Huot
๐Ÿก Eugene, Oregon (America)

๐Ÿ“š Researcher, Non-Fiction Writer, and Designer
โ™ฟ Christian, Mentally Ill, Webmaster

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Website Ownership

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โMore Interesting than
a Cute ๐Ÿˆ Cat Videoโž

โ˜ž ยฉ Ben Huot 1998-Present. Website designs and all content not marked with a specific license copyrighted, from 1998-Present by Ben Huot. I am the webmaster of this network, which includes 6 different, but related websites.

โ˜ž These websites all serve different purposes or audiences, but all share one thing in common: they are all created by me and are about me and my mission/ministry. I am the webmaster, so that I not only create everything on these websites, but also have designed and done all the technical things, to make this site work well, on a wide range of the most popular devices.

โ˜ž I have worked on all this for 16 years now, while understanding that I would never make any money off of it, as my niche is too small.

Network Introduction by Ben Huot

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โ˜ž Confused about the world today? Want a simple, direct, and clear explanation? Read my books. My writing is like poetry meets encyclopedia. You will find nothing like this online or in print. All of this writing is available at no cost. I have a steady income and a lot of time, as well as an unusual perspective. This website network and these books are my way of trying to make the world a better place.

โ˜ž There are a lot of other (non-fiction) things I write about, as well, like what it is like to have Schizophrenia, secrets to my website design, and a completely different political and religious point of view. My point of view is partially based on my experience enlisted in the military and later living with Schizophrenia for over 15 years. It is also heavily influenced by my decades long (and continuing) study of world religions and world history (after ancient history and before modern times).

โ˜ž I follow my theories with practical advice and do what I recommend others do. You can make the world a better place. Just remember to think for yourself (this is what studying philosophy should teach you). Learn from my writings and experience, but come to your own conclusions. I am likely wrong on a lot of things, as are even the greatest thinkers, throughout history. I write what I believe, but you need to make your own choices, based on your own experience and your own understanding of yourself and the world.

โ˜ž I teach the exact opposite of the medieval philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. Instead of understanding God, to the limits of reason and then using faith, to reach beyond that, I believe that faith is the primary means with which we should understand God and the use of reason, to explain the Bible and God, is a secondary and subordinate pursuit. It is dangerous, to base your faith on reason, because someone could then change your mind, just because they are better at arguing.

โ˜ž One of the things people often assume is that arguments are all based on reason, and to understand how I explain things, it is important to understand that I am not trying to be rational. I do not believe that you will change your views, even if I was able to form a superior reasonable argument for it. The basis for my faith is not rational either. If you think pursuing truth without using reason is nonsense, then you probably won't agree with what I have to say. Yes, I actually believe that and yes I do see some humor in that as well.

โ˜ž Start reading here today.

Philosophical Influences

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  • Apostle Paul
  • Apostle John
  • Prophet Jeremiah
  • Prophet Nehemiah
  • Prophet Elijah
  • King Solomon
  • King David
  • Chuang Tzu
  • Hsun Tzu
  • Bodhidharma
  • Dogen
  • Han Shan
  • Li Po
  • Tu Fu
Other Asian and African
  • Al-Ghazzali
  • Hafiz
  • Kabir
  • Kebra Nagast
  • Archbishop Desmund Tutu
  • Kierkegaard
  • Camus
  • Viktor Frankl
  • Toltsoy
  • Dostoevsky
  • Nietzsche
Renaissance and Enlightenment
  • Meister Eckhart
  • Erasmus
  • Montaigne
  • Berkeley
  • Locke
  • Spinoza

Design Decisions

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โ˜ž I also aim to make the website and writing beautiful, but also responsive to the user in a fast and fluid manner, at the same time. I use bright colors, as those cheer me up, as I get depressed easily. I also color code many of my website elements, to make them easier to understand. My overall goal in the design is to re-enforce the messages in my writing. (more on design)

โ˜ž Unlike most web designers, my sites are all optimized, for smartphones, plus I still have a dedicated mobile website, a dedicated wearables (like Apple Watch) website section, and even a website optimized for dialup modems. Not only do I have a professional overview website, but I also have one for most of my non-fiction books and other content, one for my missions/ministry overview, one for my hobbies/fun, and one for my childhood.

โ˜ž Benjamin-Newton.Com Creative Works is part of Benjamin-Newton.Net Challenging Projects

Benjamin-Newton Challenging Projects Network by Ben Huot

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